If you're looking for how to succeed, in business and in life, you can have all the responses, but without this one thing, you will fail in everything worth winning at.

"People think focus means saying "yes" to the thing you gotta focus on. That's not what it means at all. It means saying "no" to the other hundred good ideas that there are.".

-Steve Jobs.

A very long time earlier, in a mystical location called Cupertino, California, Steve Jobs created Apple, but was eventually fired from his own business, and was gone for about 10 years.

Throughout his unwanted sabbatical, Apple was quickly losing cash. In one year they lost $1 Billion (yes, with a B). When Apple was failing they were offering outrageous quantities of items. They had actually diverted from the foundations that made Apple terrific with Jobs at the helm.

Eventually Steve Jobs regained his place as the CEO of Apple, and immediately made some major modifications to restore Apple to its former glory.

What Jobs decided to do was throw out 70 % of the sales catalog and turn the focus of the business to selling only 4 products: 2 desktop computers, and 2 laptops.

When he did this , he got some major criticisms for it, but the first year he was back he made the business $300 million in profit.

Criticism has the tendency to go away after that sort of turnaround.

The moral of the tale (and how to be successful in general):.

Pick something, focus as if your life depends on it, reject all diversions, and do the work that should be done to obtain the result that you want. Nothing else matters.

In business, particularly those of us just starting out who require money today, we tend to get addicted to trying to find "the secret", the magic ingredient that will show us the best ways to be successful in our company in 2.35 seconds or less, and address all of our issues in one fell stroke.

I'm here to tell you today, stop searching for this magical, magical secret. It does not exist. If you actually need to know ways to succeed with your company follow this one idea: Look for, and DO, what gets outcomes, even if it looks like genuine, actual work.

The only genuine course for how you can be successful is to do only the activities that will get you exactly what you desire. Right here's how you can find out exactly what you're doing will get you to where you want to go.

Focused Action Exercise.

For this example our preferred result is to make $15,000 a month in our business, so we can delight in some amazing drives around the globe, care for our loved ones, or whatever it is that you want to have that money for right now.

1. Get a piece of paper.

2. Draw a line right down the middle. On the top headers put "income-producing tasks" (like putting out ads, sharing a video with people, and so on and then "non-income producing tasks" such as blogging and individual development (stuff that doesn't earn money in and of itself, but is still vital to exactly what you need to get finished.).

3. Jot down all of the actions that you took to accomplish your wanted result. Put each action in the right section.

4. Have a look at your list. You might perhaps understand that you may be "working" however not actually doing the actions necessary to obtain the results we want.

5. Get honest with yourself, find the real work that has to take place, no matter exactly how far out of your convenience zone it at first takes you, and do the work. Prioritize by getting the most results-producing (and usually most awkward) activities done initially prior to anything non-income producing.

Doing this regularly isn't attractive at first look, but if you do this every day up until you get what you desire, it will produce attractive end results in your business and your life.

Once again, those who understand the best ways to succeed understand the best ways to remain focused.

Make Today an Epic Adventure!

Roy Dunne.

Email: roydunnehelp@gmail.com.

Skype: roydunne.

Facebook Fan Page: roydunnefreedom

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